What is the vacuum chuck of CNC machining center?

1. What is the CNC vacuum chuck?

     Vacuum suction cups, also known as vacuum spreaders, are one of the vacuum actuators. In general, the use of vacuum chucks to grab articles is one of the cheapest methods. Vacuum chucks are available in a variety of styles. Suction cups made of rubber can be operated at high temperatures. Suction cups made of silicone rubber are ideal for gripping rough surfaces; suction cups made of polyurethane are durable. In addition, in actual production, if the suction cup is required to have oil resistance, it is conceivable to use a material such as polyurethane, nitrile rubber or vinyl-containing polymer to manufacture the suction cup. Generally, in order to avoid scratching the surface of the product, it is preferable to select a suction cup with a bellows made of nitrile rubber or silicone rubber, which is made of nitrile rubber and has a large breaking force, so it is widely used. Various vacuum holding devices.

2. Vacuum suction cups used on CNC computers

     Vacuum chucks act as fixtures in CNC machining centers. Some workpieces require a high surface smoothness, so you can’t use the fixtures of common CNC computers. Vacuum chucks come in handy. However, in the CNC computer, we usually use vacuum suction cups made of rubber, and more CNC vacuum suction cups. The so-called CNC vacuum suction cups are a special vacuum suction cup that uses a vacuum generator plus a switch. Like the rubber vacuum chuck, the vacuum environment is created to make the suction pressure on the workpiece at atmospheric pressure, but the vacuum of the CNC vacuum suction cup is generated by the vacuum generator from the vacuum environment, and there is a big difference in appearance. The rubber vacuum cup is a relatively simple vacuum element, while the CNC vacuum cup is like a large plate.

Post time: Aug-10-2018